Delphi Fuel Injectors and Pumps for Diesel Cars Vans and Trucks


Delphi is an industry leader in diesel fuel injection systems and is continually developing advanced technologies to help manufacturers throughout the world meet new emissions requirements, while helping to improve fuel economy and enhance performance.

Delphi designs and manufactures complete diesel engine management systems for light duty and heavy duty applications. Delphi’s innovative design and control strategies offer the life of the engine, robust performance and low noise.

Delphi has a strong commitment to its products in the aftermarket with a global network of Delphi Diesel Centers providing aftermarket support, diagnosis and repair.

CFI Australia is an authorised distributor of Delphi Technologies diesel fuel injection system parts and components.


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Light Duty Applications

Delphi’s unique common rail system design optimises fuel rate, spray shape and accuracy, which provides small injection quantities. Using closed-loop strategies, it delivers precise fuel quantities over the life of the engine for cost-effective, robust emissions reductions.

Heavy Duty Applications
Heavy Duty Applications

Delphi manufacture an advanced Electronic Unit Injector (EUI) for high performance, heavy duty applications. Delphi’s diesel fuel injection system helps manufacturers meet the world’s most stringent emissions regulations via high-speed, ultra high pressure operation and flexible injection capability, enabling pilot, post and split injections.

Diesel Filtration
Diesel Filtration

An injection system is only as good as the fuel it uses and Delphi ensures this is possible via a large range of filtration products to complement its systems.



Delphi Service Network

Delphi’s network of Diesel Centres are properly equipped to accurately diagnose,
test, repair and recode Delphi advanced common rail injectors and pumps.

Delphi Diesel Centres offer exceptional service via use of authorised Delphi equipment and procedures:

• Authorised Hartridge test benches
• Delphi DIAMAND diagnostic tools
• Delphi specialist tools
• Specialist training

Delphi Diagnostic and Repair

Delphi extend this support by offering a range of diagnostic and repair tooling to enable fast and efficient repair of its products.



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