Diesel Fuel Injectors

Injectors require high quality standards of manufacture to provide precise spray pattern and droplet size, ensuring maximum engine performance and economy. DENSO and DELPHI manufacture the highest quality, reliable and durable diesel fuel injectors for various vehicle models.


Diesel Fuel Pumps

Using quality diesel pumps from the official manufacture ensures reliability and durability. DENSO and DELPHI are principal manufacturers of OEM diesel parts for major brands. These parts are at the same standard as the original parts fitted to new vehicles.


Diesel Pump Overhaul Kits

CFI Australia has a wide range of Pump Overhaul Service Kits to suit V3, V4 & CRS pumps (DENSO), and CR pumps (Delphi). These kits contain original DENSO and Delphi components to ensure quality parts are replaced on every overhaul pump.

Diesel Fuel Injector Overhaul Kits

CFI Australia is pleased to introduce Delphi fuel injector kits that provide service dealers with a high quality level of fuel injector repair, with all the parts they need in a kit.

CFI Australia Delphi Fuel Injector Overhaul Kit