CFI Australia stock and ship the latest models in diesel fuel injectors. All our injectors are available to order online by premium service dealers and ship internationally. We are constantly updating our range with new diesel fuel injectors for various vehicle models including Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, Honda, Subaru, and Volkswagen.


CFI Australia was appointed as DENSO’s authorised injector remanufacturer in 2013. To ensure that remanufactured units will meet the factory specification, a strict remanufacturing process has to be followed. Below is a summary of the main procedures:

1. Sorting of Injector Cores

  • The injector core is sorted with all external unusable items such as copper gaskets, O-rings and packaging being removed and sorted into appropriate recycling bins.
  • The injectors are then scanned to produce a data sheet that is unique to each injector and will follow the unit through the whole remanufacturing line as part of the quality-control process.
  • A pre-inspection test and a visual check to identify any unrepairable injector. Damaged injectors will be removed from the process at this stage and scrapped.

2. Cleaning and Flushing

  • The injectors are capped (inlet, leak-off and terminals) prior to going into a high-pressure, hot-water stainless-steel wash to ensure they are free from all external contaminants.
  • They are then tested on Hartridge IFR-50s, which serve a dual purpose of a flush and a pre-test for obvious faults such as a high leak back value and/or solenoid faults.

3. Dismantling the Injector

  • Parts are carefully inspected for damage and/or excessive wear. Non-conforming parts are scrapped before further cleaning.
  • The re-usable injector parts are ultrasonically cleaned at different frequencies and temperatures to ensure all contaminants are removed.

4. Assembly Process

  • The assembly process is done in a positive-pressure cleanroom. The cleanroom is designed in such a way that filtered air is pumped in under a positive pressure to ensure dust levels are more or less non-existent.
  • The usable original parts are then assembled with new Genuine DENSO parts.

5. Testing and Coding

  • Hartridge AVM2-PC test benches that are specially set up with a factory supplied DENSO controller and hardware are used to test and record the injector performance parameters at various flow rates, temperatures and pressures.
  • An ID code which contains the injector performance characteristics is then affixed to the injector that passed the bench test.
  • The test data pertaining to each injector is kept on file for quality control purposes and warranty evaluation if it is required.