Core Collection Programme

  • CFI Australia’s Core Collection Programme provides an easy-to-use exchange programme for customers. The collection of old parts ensures the continuity of our remanufacturing process. This programme is made up of a number of processes, including core collection, sorting and storage.
  • CFI Australia is the only Authorised supplier of DENSO remanufactured injectors with a team of technicians that have been specially trained to properly calibrate and remanufacture DENSO injectors.

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Core Collection Programme Processes


1. Collection: Our team provide a service for customers to hand in their old parts to be replaced with rejuvenated, remanufactured parts.

2. Sorting: The parts are then sorted and cleaned to bring them back to factory standards. All parts that cannot be salvaged – such as key injector parts – will be disposed.

3. Storage: The injector parts are then stored, ready for recalibration.